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Choosing a career with Nedbank Capital is the smart option for up and coming professionals seeking to develop their individual capacities whilst at the same time shaping the future of investment banking.

Career advancement at Nedbank Capital

As a forward thinking investment bank, Nedbank Capital prides itself on its informed, enthusiastic and highly skilled employees. To that end, we ensure that our staff members have every opportunity to advance themselves. 

We encourage progress by generously rewarding performance. Employees are provided with feedback and guidance during a once monthly performance review with their manager, to ensure they are recognised for their contributions and made aware of their potential for improvement.

Nedbank Capital offers opportunities for career advancement in the following fields: 

  • Investment Banking
  • Global Markets 
  • Risk Management 
  • Treasury
  • Finance and Operations 
  • HR
  • IT & Projects 
  • Strategy & Marketing 

A challenging and exhilarating place to work, Nedbank Capital fosters a culture of innovation and provides a platform from which our staff can advance their thinking and refine their skills. As a leader in the investment banking arena, we offer potential employees the chance to take part in some of the biggest deals in the sector.

Graduate Development Programme

Nedbank Capital‘s Graduate Development Programme begins with an intensive six week introduction to the world of investment banking, in all its diverse and awe-inspiring forms. This allows trainees to make informed decisions about their future career paths.

Our training programmes are supervised by the renowned Belgian-based financial learning and development agency, Oxyor.

Feel valued – at Nedbank Capital, you are. 

During your internment, Nedbank will provide you with personal incident insurance, optional medical aid and access to our Employee Wellbeing Programme. 

As a qualified member of our staff, you will be offered a range of incentives and options, such as: 

  • Assistance with studies and further education. 
  • A pension, investments options and a retirement fund.
  • Group life cover and funeral cover. 

Informing every decision we make at Nedbank Capital are our core values of integrity, respect, accountability, innovation and people-centred customer service. We value friendly and receptive personalities and encourage individual expression tempered by a consideration for and respect of others. We‘re committed to upholding the principles of diversity and transformation and creating an inclusive and eclectic workplace, where diverse ideas can be integrated into optimal investment banking solutions. 

Nedbank Capital is different in that it’s only eight years old. It is young and growing and has the appetite to let people try new things… We provide a fresh, exciting place to develop talent.

Brian Kennedy

Group Managing Executive: Nedbank Capital

Nedbank Capital was a great place to start my career…the great people I have met are always willing to share their knowledge and personal experience and help is always on hand. The opportunities that have arisen have allowed me to develop both professionally and personally.

Shana Ristic

Transaction Manager

It's this freedom to think and transact outside the box that makes Nedbank Capital different.

Moss Brickman

Head: Credit and International Derivatives

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